A Rose By Any Other Name – Naming stuff in your potential books

I’m sharing this cause NaNo approaches in. . . 8 days *gulps* Oh dear, I should get to a little plotting so I’m not totally pantsing again this year. Also did I mention? I have a story I’ll be working on! The same story that I was working on during the past two camps. I’ll be posting more details for your viewing pleasure soon! For now? Enjoy this amusing and helpful blog post on naming!

Puckishwird's Blog

So this one has been coming up a lot in the days leading up to Nano. Naming. Just what is my main character’s name? What do i call the animated lawn jockey that smokes like a chimney and spontaneously started talking? What is the name of my Love interests sisters cat?

Good question. Of course, by this point in Nano prep – with a mere 8 days to go – all of that shit should be fairly well settled. But anyway. I’d been meaning to write a blog and in lieu of the other blog article i thought up a few days ago and promptly forgot: let’s tackle this one.

So. In my opinion, there are lots of different ways of naming your darlings which you will then march forth bravely and put to death. The first is… make shit up. Make shit up is – as you know if…

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