House of Horrors

I couldn’t have put this better. Honestly, I feel like we’re doomed and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for any hope. I am terrified. I am a disabled person who lives in a HUD building, and who depends on foodstamps to be able to manage not to starve for half the month, and these are things this monster along with those that backed him will gleefully gut. Republicans have tried for a long time to go after Social Security in all its forms including SSD. This time they may actually succeed at gutting or taking away what I need to survive.

I don’t fully blame the protest votes — even with those votes we’d still have this monster as there wasn’t enough to make this the situation like before — but I will blame the DNC for rigging the primaries and choosing a bad candidate that couldn’t even get the college age female vote. What the DNC did was wrong, and they are as much to blame for what will happen in coming days as the following people. I will blame the people who continued to support a racist, sexist, homophobic douchebag who bragged about sexually assaulting women and mocked the disabled. I will blame those same people for continuing to do it even after he got backed by the KKK. And I will blame them for voting for him including the ones that naively did it cause “surely he’ll get impeached soon”.

However, while I am horrified I am not surprised. This was predicted as a possibility after what happened with Brexit and now. . . now we’re stuck with this monster for 4 years. For those about to go through a hellish nightmare, in the US and outside of it, I am sorry. Just know that I stand with you as do many others.
That was the Daily News headline this morning, and it captures what I feel very succinctly. Dear mother of God, what have we done. What. Have. We. Done. Look, people. Put aside the fancy slogans an…

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3 thoughts on “House of Horrors

  1. Thank you for the reblog… I am horrified and terrified.

    My mother is retiring. Her only sources of income are 1. a pension that may not even exist thanks to the plummet of the stock market, and 2. Social Security. Her insurance? Medicare. And this basically means I’m supporting us both on my salary alone.

    Hillary’s concession is one for the record books; not one person can help but respect her for the way she handled it. That took guts and grace and professionalism.

    We have to gear up for a battle, and we cannot rest on our laurels for even a moment. We must survive this. We absolutely fucking MUST.

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    • I wish I had words to help comfort beyond: I stand with you and everyone else about to go through this hell. I’m scared. No, terrified. Absolutely fucking terrified. I’ve been on the verge of throwing up since I saw the way it was going last night, and on the verge of tears as well. I’ve ate a good number of tums cause the stress and anxiety has my stomach just a mess right now. I didn’t watch her concession speech, but I also didn’t watch his speech. I’m glad she went out with grace, but it just. . . doesn’t help our situation right now and it’s all I can think about at present. When I woke up I just hoped it’d been a bad dream, but it was reality and now we’re stuck with it for 4 years. I have little hope he’ll get impeached, and even if he does we’ll just get Pence who isn’t any better so I’m not feeling hopeful right now. Perhaps that’ll change in time.

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      • I will hand Trump one grudging bit of credit. Based on the transcripts, he left the hateoric behind. He didn’t float. He said the token phrase about being a president for the people.

        But today is the 81st anniversary (plus/minus a year or two) of Kristallnacht. Already the swastikas are up in Philly. I live in a predominantly Jewish area.

        This is not the history I want to repeat.


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