Of Mugs and Mumbles: The Power to Maintain

Lately I’ve noticed that setting goals and starting them is easy. Sticking to them? That is a completely different story. No matter what you do, you can’t always stay on the path once you start down it. Something either tempts you to stray like the allure of just one lazy day or knocks you off into the brush — and down a hill — like a lousy health day. Once that happens, the struggle to not only get back on the path begins with the trouble of finding your way back to it in the first place.

That’s the trouble I’ve been having lately.

Well, if I’m honest with myself? For a long time.

Often I see people start toward goals who are able to stick with them. If they stumble? They get right back up. That’s something I have to applaud. And I admit that those people are people I’m jealous of as I’m always wishing that I could do the same. There are days that I want to be more focused and organized to help me maintain a better routine, but it’s a constant struggle. The latest issue with my health is a perfect example:

Finally I’d started to get into a routine. I set up my first BuJo, started to experiment with what did and didn’t work for me with my layout while keeping to a schedule. It was a little rocky. A little more stop than go at first, but slowly that changed as my daily goals had more completion marks than incomplete or migration marks. It was a great feeling that made it easier to keep pushing onward. I was actually doing this with visual proof of my improvements to help me stay on track. The suddenly my legs and feet started hurting really bad; swelling any time I sit without propping my legs up or walk too much. And that’s if I can even walk in the first place as the pain is just that terrible. It has put a halt on continuing the exercises I’d begun to do along with any other goal that requires much in the way of activity. Lounging on the couch with my feet propped up while I play games or watch Netflix is all I can do. Doesn’t sound all that terrible except when it messes up the progress you’ve made at which point it becomes frustrating since you’re not choosing to do these things, but being forced to instead.

That frustration has me annoyed more than anything. The pain has been messing with my focus as well which makes it a little difficult to write at times. It’s driving me up a wall. Still I’m trying not to lose sight of the path I set out on before this mess. How? By doing what I am able to manage right now. Small things that don’t require much in the way of physical activity such as keeping my BuJo updated, trying to get out blog posts, remembering my weekly goals, et cetera. Hopefully once this issue is resolved that will help me to more easily get back on the path. One way or another I’ll have to manage. Otherwise I’ll only continue to wander farther and farther away losing all the progress I’ve begun to make until I lose sight of those goals altogether. That won’t help me in the long run.

So that’s where I’m at in my life: fighting a continuous battle against myself both physically and mentally.

Ultimately, this won’t change. My health will always be an issue. Whether it’s my RA or my TMJ or my fatigue or my depression — any of a thousand things — there’ll be problems maintaining my routine. Or even my own faults of procrastination and laziness could interfere. Never was able to overcome either. All I can do is accept that some days I’ll falter and that it’s alright to do so as long as I remember to continue onward once I get back up.

So tell me, what issues make you stumble or tempts you from the path? Are there any specific methods that help you to maintain in the face of it all? What goals have you set for yourself that are easy to keep? What goals are the most difficult?
I’d love to hear from others. It’s nice to be able to share as talking with others can be both motivating and inspiring. And perhaps I’ll learn some good techniques for keeping to your routine as well.


Note: When I initially wrote this I hadn’t yet been to the doctor. I went on Friday after getting fit into the schedule, and unsurprisingly it turned out to be what I suspected. . . Tendonitis. Specifically it’s Achilles Tendonitis. At the present we’re trying high dose anti-inflammatory for five days to help manage the pain until I can get into physical therapy which is the only thing that will help me get better. What brought this on? The exercises I was doing — light ones at the suggestion of my Rheumatologist to help me deal with some muscle weakness in my legs — ended up being too much. I pushed myself over the fine line that is my limits. I barely did much of anything as I split my exercises out over a week so out of 7 days I was exercising 3 days with breaks. What pushed me over though? A total of 20 mini-squats split out over those 3 days. So now I’m paying the price of not more carefully easing into the exercises. The upside is this will get me back into physical therapy faster. Though that doesn’t make me anymore thrilled about dealing with the pain and limited movement. More sitting on the couch for me. Luckily I’ve got another game to play to distract me: FFXIV. Between that, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Netflix I will be thoroughly entertained at least.


One thought on “Of Mugs and Mumbles: The Power to Maintain

  1. It’s so easy to get off track. I find when I finally say it’s focus time, something happens. For example, my youngest fur baby Bailey is loose outside. She slipped her harness and bolted. While I know she’s close and has the means to defend herself, I atill slip into a pattern of sitting on the couch watching the security cameras for kitten sign instead of writing or doing mundane tasks around the house. Getting on track takes a lot of effort as of late for me. My focus is on the dumpster.

    I have to start with little things to refocus. Just doing the dishes or writing a few sentences. The bar has to be low to gradually build back up to better levels.

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