And the NaNo Lurks Just Around the Corner!


It’s October 15th and still a single plot idea has not taken hold in my mind. I’ve been trying to figure one out since near the end of August, mind you, which makes it incredibly annoying. I’ve thought up ideas, browsed plot suggestions, been offered ones by writers I respect. . . and so far nothing wants to stick. I’m hoping that something does take root before the 1st arrives. Is anyone planning to do NaNoWriMo? What will you be writing? Is it going to be a novel? Or will you be a rebel by writing something else like a collection of short stories/poetry, a script, etc.? Also if anyone wants to add me as a buddy on the NaNo site you can find me here: My NaNo Profile.

For the time being, I’m trying to jog my muse by watching movies since music listening didn’t help earlier. I just finished Beauty and the Beast(and got all teary as my girlhood inner Disney Princess came out) and now I’m watching Alien(I love the Alien movies!) cause some chestbursting is a good way to spark some non-mushy muse ideas too. Next up on the list? I’m not sure. Maybe some more X-Files!


9 thoughts on “And the NaNo Lurks Just Around the Corner!

      • Normally if I have a cool character I can build a plot or world to go with it and the rest falls into place. It’s just not working this time. I don’t know if I’m trying to tell the wrong story or if it’s just my depression.

        I have 9-10 days off of work at the beginning of the month which could really help me in my word count, but no story >_>


      • I totally understand the depression aspect. I deal with that a lot myself especially these days, and combined with stress it just obliterates my ability to think most days. Trying to write when I’m that way is impossible. I hope that you’re able to figure out which is causing the problem and sort them out, but if it is depression and you can’t do it as a result that’s totally alright. Sometimes we just need to not push ourselves so we can heal a little.

        Those days off sound like a blessing though! Especially given that timing. If they’re not writing days? I say make them curl-up-on-the-couch-with-snacks-and-warm-drinks-and-read-good-books days. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. This November will do NaNo, also ๐Ÿ™‚
    I added you as my buddy writer so… see you there!
    Speaking about a subject… why don’t you write about your experience? Give birth to a gorgeous character and make her cross all what you experienced. I read some of your posts and… your voice is very powerful! Give it as a gift to other people. They need it for sure.

    By the way… I don’t know if you will see my reply for you in my website, but I want to thank you again for your comment!


    • Writing about myself โ€” even via a fictional character โ€” is just not something I can do easily. I’ve only recently started to do it just a little and only through poetry. It’s a struggle to write about myself; pretty much like pulling teeth to be completely honest, and it leaves me feeling more emotionally fragile than I already do these days so I think it’s probably best to avoid. I’m glad to see you’re doing NaNo! What will you be doing this year?

      I didn’t see your reply, but I’m going to look now! And you’re very welcome. ^_^ Thank you for commenting on my post here!

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      • This year I will write on a fiction novel called “Memories of an Arcturian”.
        Writing about yourself via a fictional character can be also a healing therapy for your soul. You can put on paper your feelings and you can imagine things that didn’t happen in addition to your experience. You can create an whole other world based on an already existing one. I find this to be so funny. The novel that I will write in November will be exactly same… based on my experiences… but still a fiction.


  2. Reply to MC Simon(not sure why it didn’t give me the reply to you option and posted it as a new reply to my blog post): Indeed, I have found that writing can heal and I have written about myself many times, or found elements of myself in my characters, but it’s just really hard for me to do intentionally. Even some of the stuff I write about myself directly doesn’t see the light of day. I’ve not managed to get the courage to share many of those pieces.

    I’ve figured out what I’m doing for NaNo this year though. I’m sure I’ll see bits and pieces of me, and my life, in the story somewhere, but it’ll be unintentional. Your story sounds like it’ll be an interesting one to write!


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