Monday Morsel: 5-30-2016

Bringing you the rest of the post from my Snapshots & Snippets the week before last. A little information: this is a from a modern fantasy RP that takes place all over the world(though it’s quite different from the world we know as it suffered a sorta apocalyptic event called Resonance like 9 years ago(it’s 2019 in current RP time). A bunch of people gained abilities, some became metahuman, some got magic, some got infected by diseases that turned them into Lycanthropes and Vampires and Zombies, some creatures of myth became reality, some beings crossed over from beyond the veil, and so on and so forth. In the following RP is featured my character Cassandra Greene, a magus, who works for a rebel organization called ARMA that separated from a corrupt magus organization called the OFL who is ultimately ruled by an equally corrupt Vatican. They did some really bad stuff, including torture and experimentation, on people(like my Cassandra) and a lot of magus came to their senses, realized they were being used/corrupted, and so on. . . and split.

My Cass, after she escaped possession by what they call ‘Demons'(though in reality are veil-crossers that can’t cross fully), slowly was remembering things that the OFL and Vatican did not want getting out — they tried to kill her and her brother(who was head of ARMA) multiple times — then started to work for ARMA, and. . . well, in comes Rhome. He’s an assassin, the guy they send when they want a job to get done-done, but Rhome as ‘Matty’ fell for Cass as she made him question his loyalties, himself, etc. and sought to protect her until he couldn’t anymore on his own so he turned himself into ARMA, admitted everything, and agreed to give them information/get his magic bound so long as they hid him from the Vatican and he didn’t have to return to that life. Cass had equally fallen for him, a fact that is difficult as it took her a lot to be able to trust and the first person she trusts again, falls for, ends up being someone sent to kill her by the very organization that made her have trust issues. . . and she loves him which is even harder to stomach leaving a lot of issues since he revealed everything. Enter this thread 15 months later.

Location: NY Cathedral
January 8th, 2019
Titled: Backdraft
Thread Summary(so far): Rhome, after a day working as a cook at the diner, is on his way home when he’s assaulted by a phasing magus. She tempts him with information, that someone he loves and that he thought dead is alive, but also ends up doing something weird that seems to have undone the binding on his magic which he finds out after he enters the cathedral when he reaches for the candles. . . and the flame begins to rise. Cassandra was following Rhome, having told the guys that normally watch him that she was assigned(though she wasn’t), cause she wanted to tell him to stop keeping an eye on her, to stop protecting her, and. . . to try to assert that she feels nothing for him — a lie that leaves her constantly confused, angry, and guilty. She watches him get his ass kicked then follows him into the church, becomes aware that his magic is back, and then. . . suddenly a worried, panicked Rhome is kissing her and begging her for help.

Binding wasn’t always a permanent solution. Sometimes the bind faded, had to be re-applied. . . but this was too soon. No, Rhome’s binding shouldn’t have come undone yet. They’d kept an eye on him enough to know if it was back, but as she stood in the cathedral watching the candles there was evidence to the contrary. The flames flickered to life with the proximity of his hand; growing just a little until he pulled it back. And all she could do was shake her head. How had this happened?

Has he been in contact with someone in the Vatican? Was it that phasing magus? Or has he been playing us?, the questions went through her mind filled with suspicion as she watched him in silence.

Cassandra knew that he was unaware of her presence. Bitter though it made her feel? She was also thankful for it. Even if she always noticed his presence. . . at least now he wasn’t aware of hers and that gave her time to think about the wisdom of this foolish plan. Alec would be angry if he knew she was here. Alistair even more. But she’d had to come. Hadn’t she?

Looking at him raised a thousand questions; ones that remained unanswered even though she’d yelled most of them at him in that interrogation room. She hated the feelings that he evoked in her. That there was still love in her heart for him after the betrayal made her feel angry. Yet it hadn’t lessened. Just as she was re-thinking confronting him, and was about to turn to leave, she felt his gaze on her.

Cassandra would never forget that sensation.

The way he’d looked at her had made her heart race then, and it did the same now. Made it freeze in her chest before it kicked into high like she’d just ran a marathon. Blue eyes locked on his own gaze without any preparation to shield the emotions there from him. Pain, anger, confusion, worry, vulnerability all there for him to see. The shock of being alone with him — now that he was aware of her — was overwhelming to her system. She was aware of the way he moved away, avoiding her, but more than that awareness was the one when he noticed the scarf.

The way his gaze narrowed on it made her skin flush. Part of her was pleased the charm was hidden from his view. Both of the items were signs of the weakness within herself that he’d not only preyed on, but also expanded upon for when it came to him. . .

She was the weakest she’d ever been.

The shame that rushed through her made it hard to process what happened next. Before Cassandra realized, he was there in front of her and his hands were on her face. . . and his lips were pressing against her own. There was a voice in her head that screamed this wasn’t alright, that she should fight him, but all she felt was the rush of everything they’d been before as she offered herself up to his kiss. Hands lifting to grasp his wrists, to hold his hands against her chilled skin; they both hated the cold so much, and she recalled shielding him with her magic that first day and then. . . all the times afterward she’d basked in the warmth he offered both magically and physically.

Lost to the taste and touch of him, it took Cassandra a moment to acknowledge the kiss had been broken. Lids lifted slowly to see that he wasn’t looking at her. His eyes were still shut, and his hands still pressed palms against her cheeks — cheeks that were damp with tears.

When had she started crying?

His words penetrated the fog.

♎ “I need your help.  I don’t know where else to go.  I’ll tell you everything, I just need your help.  Please.”

The haze started to clear a little; realization of what she’d just allowed to happen sharply cutting through her. It felt like a knife to the chest. A gasp of breath was sucked between her teeth as hands dropped and she jerked away from him. Before she could think about it, one hand raised against to connect with her palm against his cheek now. The harsh CRACK! echoing in the quiet of the cathedral.

☸ “How dare you. . . No, you don’t get to do that. You don’t ge-get to touch me or kiss me or as-ask me for help. .” Sucking in another breath, she tried to rein in the anger arcing through her body.

Her shield didn’t come up, magic remaining dormant, in response to the emotions raging inside. And that was a shock too — she should be afraid of him. She wasn’t though. Turning around, she shoved her hands through her hair and gripped tightly as she tried to get ahold of herself. Drawing in a couple breaths to help fight against the sting of more silent tears, Cassandra fought for control. . . and achieved it after a couple of long, hard minutes.

With that clearing of mind came another realization though: she couldn’t refuse him.

Cassandra wanted to tell him to go to hell. She wanted to tell him that she didn’t owe him anything. She wanted. . . to be angrier than she actually was, but that wasn’t happening. She wanted to help him, and knew that whatever made him ask for help was serious. Not only had she heard it in his voice, but she knew it the minute he offered to tell her everything. This was her chance to get all the answers she’d been seeking. Drawing in a deep breath through her nose, she breathed out slowly and then wiped swiftly at her cheeks before turning around.

☸ “Fine. I’ll help you. But first you tell me everything, Rhome. You become an open fucking book. If you lie to me even once? That’s the end of it.”

She cursed in a holy place, completely uncaring, as she leveled a hard look on him and shoved her hands into the pockets of her coat. Calling him Rhome? That helped give her a little more distance, because thinking of him as Matty would break her again. Now she waited for him to decide what he wanted to do.


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