Godspeed, and a word of caution

For those planning to protest in DC, keep your eyes and ears open — and be ever cautious.

Improvisations on Reality

Right now, buses and planes are flying to DC from the world over, full of women who are marching on Washington, DC. Protests of the inauguration and the coming administration have already started.

Already, mixed reports are coming in.

First of all, I wish the protesters Godspeed, if they are religious, and good luck, if they are not. Many, many people whom I know are marching today, and it is hugely important to me, and the country, that they keep marching. No one ever got anything accomplished by staying still; in my case, the pen is mightier than the sword; my best protests are done with this blog and my writing.

I would like to give you a warning, though, if you are protesting:

Beware of professional agitators.

James O’Keefe has already done his part to infiltrate protests in the past. We have seen his work with Occupy Wall Street…

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