Writing Services



Cover Your Dreams — Ah, cover art! You know how it goes, we all look at it and for some of us it’s highly influencing on whether or not we pick up a book. Just check out the work done by Cover Your Dreams who definitely offers a wide range of genre cover options! You’ll find a handy page listing their offered Services, which include Marketing Packages, and even a page of helpful Testimonials.

Ravenborn — Remember what I said about influence? Well, here’s some covers by Ravenborn that’ll grab your eye. My gaze is always drawn to those absolutely stunning horror, paranormal, and fantasy cover options cause just look at them! However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find other options there that are just as great. The covers can be bought through here, but you should definitely visit the Facebook page first and see what you’re seeking.




Water Balloon Media — “Why WaterBalloon? Because I want your content to make a splash.” Book ads and video trailers are services offered by Lia Rees of WaterBalloon Media who charges a flat rate with no extra fees. I always love seeing a book trailer and I’ve seen quite a deal of people say how they wish there were more trailers for books out there. So if you’re looking for a trailer/ad to make the book lover’s world a better place and help you promote, then check out this site!







Free Your Words — Here is a services site that is a writer’s dream! Ran by Lia Rees, it offers services such as cover design and internal book design while also offering business cards, posters, and video trailers for use in marketing. She’s even got a handy Price List for perusal. Here’s a straight link to some testimonials, but after reading those I suggest giving the site a good browse so you can get to know Lia Rees for yourself.


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