Of Mugs and Mumbles: Thinking Responsibly

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This post won’t be as long as my last one since my writing/typing will be limited for awhile. Why? Cause it seems that my most recent health issue, which is my right wrist hurting a lot and misbehaving, has turned out to be Tendonitis. Now, if you’ve never had this before let me tell you that it’s terrible and affects things you might do. Mine currently causes tremors, weakness, and motor control issues when the pain gets really bad — usually the case. This has been going on for about two weeks now and I was hoping it’d turn out to be nothing serious, and would take care of itself like when it hurts from my RA. Unfortunately, I’m not quite that lucky.

My doctor has begun treatment, but that treatment consists of a daily anti-inflammatory, heat applied as needed, and resting the wrist/hand. That last definitely impedes things especially my plans to do NaNoWriMo. I got an idea a couple days before my appointment on Thursday and was looking forward to starting it, but now I’m realizing that I should probably do the responsible thing: bow out. I haven’t skipped NaNo once since first discovering it so this has me feeling bummed. However, if I push my wrist by writing/typing when it’s going to make the pain worse that could cause worse issues. Since I can’t afford a new headset with mic until either late next month or the month afterward that means I can’t use the Voice to Text Tool in Google Docs either. So what will I do instead?

I’m thinking that I’ll read more, do a little leisure writing like my roleplaying posts and blog posts/book reviews, and plan for Camp NaNoWrimo! I think the first one is in April so that gives me a little time to plan a bit with this idea. It’ll be a nice change since a little planning can help me with pantsing. I’m not talking about tons of it, of course. Just some small things. While I hate skipping NaNo, it is necessary and sometimes you have to make responsible, adult decisions like putting your health first.

Best of luck to everyone still participating though, and if you need a cheerleader just pop onto my FB, Instagram, or into my comments here and I’ll do my best. =D


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