Monday Morsel: 11-02-2015

This one comes from an American AU Harry Potter roleplay group. The character writing the letter is named Tauran Ka’aukai and he’s writing it to his lady, who he just met in spring, named Esther Vaughn. Her writer and I refer to these as Toaster Letters as their ship name since we first played their original incarnation on a sci-fi board has been Tausther which reminds us of Toaster. Anyways, while in this version certain things like combination of magic with muggle tech is becoming more and more a thing, and it’s quite definitely way post-Potter as it’s present day, Tauran is fond of old ways and is a fan of writing romantic letters. Here’s his most recent one for your viewing. I hope you enjoy.


October 17th, 2015


My deepest apologies for not sending a response sooner. It’s becoming that time of year where those in the magical community leave their fires burning too long, and, though it’s not our division’s duties necessarily, when fires occur as a result of Ashwinder eggs we’re called to investigate. I can be thankful though that none have resulted in serious injury or harm. The fires were managed smoothly and muggles none the wiser to the true cause. Though I’m seriously considering putting a PSA in the DC Pioneer at this point for those forgetful witches and wizards.

It pleases me that you enjoy the plant. What you have told me about your home made it seem a perfect fit, and it’s wonderful lighting for reading. Not too little and not too much on the eyes. I thought that would be to your liking. The place where I bought it was lit completely by one plant with a variety of bulbs. I will take you there when we see each other again. Truly I can’t wait for that moment. Your laugh, your smile, that suggestive glint in your eyes, the way your fingers lightly tuck loose strands of hair behind your ear, the way your touch against my own skin makes it tingle. . .

These are the things I think about often. I have read your letters multiple times, and carry the small one in my wallet. It makes me smile though amusingly Ichabod has been sensitive as he took offense that you think him too small to carry large packages(although he may’ve preened his feathers at the owl you chose to send who was pleasant company). I, on the other hand, am glad that you did for he can be a little clumsy on occasion. He damaged several packages before I decided to place spells on fragile ones. Your brother’s raven has a wonderful name. Are they difficult to handle?

Are you excited to begin your training at YSM? Will you be there long? The idea of you being in Portland less does make me feel sad, but at the same time I’m happy for you. I know how much you want to teach. The package you sent is wonderful, and will be put to use. Winter and I do not agree, and getting used to living in a place that has a true winter unlike my home state of California or my home away from home Hawaii is difficult. Oregon in winter is truly beautiful though. Have you seen the sunset over Crater Lake in winter? It is one of my favorite views.

When I think of you though, I think of Spring. I was reading April by Johann Wolfgang Goethe the other night, and you came to mind. Most especially when I hit this part:

would so truly like to greet,
in a world of dullness, blindness,
one true look of human kindness,
where two kindred spirits meet.

It reminded me clearly of our meeting that day in the cafe. My world had felt dull after my son’s passing until I met you.

You deserve to be spoiled. My mother has always said that I have a habit for spoiling those I care about, and you fall into that category. I suspect she knows this already. I told her about the plant I sent you, and now she’s adamant to get one for herself. The seller said that they are not difficult to care for if you are worried. I can stop in for a visit, and see if they could recommend some reading and care tips the next time I’m near, if you’d like?

As for my family, and your family, and us all meeting — there isn’t any pressure. I know it’s a scary one for the both of us. While I do look forward to meeting yours at one point, I am happy that we are taking things slow as you know this is new territory for me. My parents only wondered as they are curious about you, and admittedly my mother wants to talk plants with you. If you wish to send her something, she is fond of succulents especially those that she can use in healing potions and treatments. Oh, I forgot to mention that my mother is a mediwitch. You can never go wrong sending her plants that she can use in relation to work.

I can understand your reason for not wanting to tell your brother my age, and take no offense. It’s understandable. We could discuss possible ways to handle it at some point if it’d help. For now though, don’t rush yourself. When the time is right you’ll know. I haven’t told my siblings about you yet, but only as they are busy and I am not ready to be bombarded with questions yet. I told my parents though cause I tell them everything.

Speaking of, I have to go call them. I look forward to your next letter though I might call you tonight at work. I do miss your laugh.

Yours If You Wish,


P.S. It is good you have an abundance of patience as you’re dating me, and I can be stubborn and frustrating at times.


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