Monday Morsel: 09-28-2015

This is one post from a thread on an old space sci-fi RP I was in once. The character who belongs to me is Phoenix Faust and he was the doctor/surgeon on a (secret) smuggling ship. I’ll probably post some other posts by him from this thread down the road. Sorry I don’t have anything original to share with ya’ll yet. =) I’m hesitant with sharing my old original poems cause I want to work on editing some of them. Hope you enjoy this piece. As always, feedback is welcome. Also e-bonus points to anyone who gets the little parody reference in the back-and-forth dialogue at the start of the piece.

Thread Title: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Location: In space near two planets, Jiiki and Argo, during their evacuation while under attack by aliens

What’s Happening: One of the citizens they took on-board flipped out, shot one Atticus Grey, and took one Alice Appleby hostage.

Character Posting: Phoenix Faust

Dr. Faust. . .

Sadie. . .



Dr. Faust?

Alice. . .

Her screams of panic tore at him then silence fell. All the names spoken, and any speech, by those in the med-bay moot given that they had their hands occupied and no way to access comms in order to respond to those in the bay.

By this point the only noise in the med-bay was the panicked, hitching sobs of Sadie and the beeping of the machines attached to their surgical patient. Phoenix couldn’t fathom what all they’d heard, but what he did know was that whatever had happened was not good. The sound of gunfire, a single shot, had come over the comms and he knew he wasn’t the only who’d heard it. Where was everyone else? There were still bloody people on this bloody ship! Why weren’t they doing something?

Sadie. I need your focus steadily on me.” When that didn’t get through to the worried young girl he gritted out, in a rather harsh tone that he’d apologize for later,”Fraxxin’ hell, Sadie. Pay attention now.

The girl’s attention immediately turned back to him. His scalpel moved along the necessary bits that he was operating on in an effort to stop the blood flow and bring about a stabilized heart-rate, and then once that was he achieved he requested his laser tool to cauterize the artery to mend the tear. Once that was done he went about stitching the patient up then began pulling off his gloves. “Now, I want you to listen to me good.

He could still hear Alice over the comms, including her suggestion about the bridge which concerned him greatly, and the frightened sounds of the others in the bay; yet heard not a sound out of Atticus which worried him greatly, as he went about tossing his gloves and scrubs in the proper waste container then motioning for Sadie to do the same. “I must go tend to Atticus’s injury. You are to remain here in the med-bay and not to open the doors for anyone except me. Unless I direct you otherwise. Am I understood?

A nod from the girl was received as he scrubbed his hands then began loading a bag with some necessary medical tools and supplies. Hopefully he’d be able to patch Atticus up without much of a fuss. Once the bag was ready he put his iX back on his wrist then stepped out of the med-bay, had Sadie secure the door, and headed toward the lifts.


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