Author Interview: Phil Henderson

Eep, clearly I have fallen behind with sharing these awesome in-depth RP style interviews. Here’s the latest Author Interview with Phil Henderson courtesy of interviewee Kelly Blanchard!

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Phil was written by Phil Henderson.)

It was raining—storming actually—by the time Kelly emerged from the mirror portal along with Rex, and they bickered. “…I don’t see what I have to just stand there and let that guy get away,” Rex was saying. “I mean, I had a clear shot. Why didn’t I shoot him?”

Kelly shook her head as she hugged a thick book to her chest and headed for the front of the Muse Shop. “That’s not who you are anymore. You’re not an assassin, remember?” She slid him a look. “At least that’s what you’ve told me repeatedly!” Coming to the counter, she slammed the book down upon it then reached for her keys attached to her necklace, and she took off the necklace and slid the key into the key slot behind the counter and opened a cabinet. Grabbing the…

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