Monday Morsel: 08/24/2015

This is a little thing I’m going to try to start doing every Monday. Basically, I’ll give you a taste or a full look at something I am working on ranging from original writings, roleplay writings, fanfiction writings, etc. For the first one I’m going to give you a look at what I have so far on a Roleplay Character Application. This character is for a Historical setting that takes place in 1790’s Saint-Domingue which is part of Hispaniola. Once the application is finished in full, I’ll post that as well for a complete viewing. Feel free to leave comments. Feedback always welcome. =D


NAME: Gaston IV Frédéric Jacques Moreau

NICKNAMES: Jac, Freddie
TITLE: Baron de Moreau
AGE: Twenty-five

Male and female bed partners (more men than ladies. sorry ladies!)
A rousing discussion
Liquor, Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa (in that order)
The Sea
Ships (obviously)
People that make him think/broaden his horizons
Fashionable clothes (on himself and on those who interest him)

Cowards (amusing considering he is one)
Poor quality liquor
The situation in France
His Father
His Grandmother
His episodes(manic depression aka bipolar disorder)

PERSONALITY: Gaston prefers the bed company of men to women though does not find the latter distasteful, and will bed a woman if the desire or need should arise. His only female bed partner was his wife from the time they married until her death a little over a year ago. While he carries his Father’s name, the same of his Grandfather and Great Grandfather before, he isn’t like them in many respects; something owed to the influences of his Mother and several of his lovers. What this means is that while he oft-times can think like a man of the period — perhaps more appropriately like a man of previous periods — in regards to class divide, slavery, women, etc. that is not always the case. He has had the wool removed from his eyes enough in his life that he’s unable to remain blind to the atrocities. This is even more the case in regards to a good deal of his family.

Not all the Moreaus think the way of certain societal groups, but it’s a far more common occurrence with distant relatives. Those closer find themselves ousted, and blacklisted, if they dare step out of line. This is something that he fears happening to him which keeps him discreet about his preference for male bed partners and from daring to go against them in regards to his thoughts — especially his Father and Grandmother. Figuring that he can always bring about change once his Father is dead and everything passes to him. Of course, being patient is a challenge especially now that he has just learned some difficult information regarding the deaths of his Mother and Wife. This news also has brought about some thoughts and urges that he finds hard to keep in control especially during his episodes.

Beyond these things, Gaston can at times be found to have a temper and to fall into dismal episodes. The first can oft-times be a symptom of the second, especially when irritable, and during these episodes he is known to close himself off from everyone and spend a lot of time getting drunk. At other times though he can be highly energetic and happy, abnormally so, and if not observed or able to keep himself in check can end up making poor decisions. These times also lead to little sleep. When not dealing with an episode though he is quick to laugh, to smile, to enjoy life as much as possible unless he’s working. He is known to make smart business decisions and to be a strict taskmaster. Work and responsibility come first for him, and then fun follows.


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