Character Interview: Nan Sampson Bach’s Juan-Carlos

A downside to health upheavals is email backs up and I get behind which is why I’m sharing some of these late. Sorry for all the posts today, but they’re absolutely worth it.

I have already shared on here the Author Interview with Nan Sampson Bach, and now I’m sharing the roleplay-style character interview that author Kelly Blanchard did with Nan Sampson Bach’s character Juan Carlos. Enjoy!

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Juan Carlos was written by Nan Sampson Bach. Juan is the antagonist in Nan’s fantasy series ‘The Gatekeepers Saga’.)

Juan-Carlos Miguel Orellano de Campos moved quietly around the large living area of his penthouse in the coveted San Remo building on Central Park West, preparing for his guest.  The Interviewer.  He re-arranged the sensuous turquoise satin throw pillows on the mid-century divan then adjusted the opacity of the window shades to manipulate the brightness of the morning sun.  Not glaring enough to blind, but bright enough to cause his visitor to face him when they spoke.

From his windows was a stunning view of the Park.  Sunlight glittered on The Lake, patches of spring green grass contrasted with the darker leaves of the trees, and a myriad of utterly insignificant human beings scurried along the park’s paths, believing they…

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