Character Interview: Lia Rees’ Myriam

And here’s the character interview. Author Kelly Blanchard does her in-depth roleplay-style interview of the character Myriam(keep an eye out for the coming book Her Name Is Liberty) who is written by author Lia Rees. =D

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Myriam was written by Lia Rees.)

The city centre, the Nexus, was electric in the evening. Literally so. Every wall was a constantly shifting landscape of imagery and light, and music pulsed through the entire scene as people danced, talked and ate at casual low tables. Holographic soda shakes were dancing in the street—an advert from one of the City’s System-sanctioned businesses. A few young people were half-heartedly dancing with them, but most walked straight through them. The advert was weeks old.

Noticing a young woman looking bewildered in the midst of it all, Myriam-83 stepped out across the electronic sidewalk. A wiry, animated woman with a headful of dark curls, she seemed to be energized by the noise.

“You must be Kelly,” she smiled. “I recognize the dress style—early 21st century Earth, right? Yeah, that’s you all right. Come with me.”


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