Character Interview: Jacob Settlemyre’s Rhea

And here’s author Jacob Settlemyre’s roleplay-style interview with his character Rhea from his post-apoc story ‘The Survivor’s Sacrifice’ that author Kelly Blanchard did. Hope you enjoy. =D

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Jacob Settlemyre wrote Rhea–a protagonist in his story.)

The auburn-haired girl frantically shoved her various items in cabinets around her shack. Dust and dirt flew into her face causing her to scrunch her nose and sneeze. “I’m tired of all of this mess,” she thought to herself. Luke, her fiancé, had left a mess after their last argument leaving Rhea annoyed and stressed. Her “house” guest would arrive soon, and she wanted to make the shack look perfect unlike its usual clutter.

She placed a couple rusted cups on the old wooden table. The legs were warped, and it wobbled if you pressed on it too hard, but it was all they could afford right now. She laid a tray with a pitcher of well water on the table. Almost stale bread framed the tray. Her arms crossed over her chest and her…

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