Author Interview: Lia Rees

Here’s another brilliant roleplay-style interview from Kelly Blanchard. This time she interviews the wonderful Lia Rees, Author, who ya’ll should really check out. Lia is quite the creative soul doing many creative things, and actually offers a good deal of useful services to authors! Also check out Tribe of Write for awesome writer related treats. =D

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Lia was written by Lia Rees)

Those nearing the clearing in the gardens heard voices.

“You’re horrible at this.”

I’m horrible at this? I’m the one who taught you!”

Vixen shook her head as she stood with arms crossed watching her author, Kelly, attempt to throw one of Vixen’s blades into a tree stump. “I told you that knives were my preferred weapon, so you wrote it. You’re doing a pathetic job.” She motioned to the stump as Kelly’s attempt hit the wood handle first.

Kelly let out an exasperated sighed then muttered under her breath, “Fine, fine.” She went to retrieve the blades for the assassin then handed them back to her. “I’ll master it—one of these days.”

“Uhhum, but I think you have a guest.” Vixen sheathed the blades as she turned Honroth entered the garden clearing with a woman…

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