Character Interview: Matthew Dale’s Aerellius

Ah so, the last interview with Matthew Dale I mislabeled. While it was still one of the fabulous roleplay style interviews, it was in fact an author interview. This one is the character interview. Come meet Aerellius from ‘The Apostate Saga’ which is a WiP story which he aims to finish by the end of the year.

Meeting With The Muse

(Note: Kelly is written by Kelly Blanchard, and Aerellius is written by Matthew Dale. Aerellius is the antagonist in Matthew’s story ‘The Apostate Saga’.)

Aerellius paced the halls of his palace, waiting impatiently. He was nervous, more so than he was willing to admit. He had little time for distractions with war on the horizon, but this needed to be done. His guards exchanged nervous glances; they had never seen him like this before. He waited outside the door to the Catacombs, for his appointment to arrive. “Why am I so nervous?” he whispered to himself. The guards kept their gaze fixed in the distance, trying not to betray their concern of his unusual behavior.

He heard footsteps coming down the hall. She had arrived. He could feel energy bristling off of her. Intelligence, passion, strength, he had clearly underestimated her. “Guards, leave us.” He ordered, waving his hand…

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