Author Interview: Matthew Dale

Here’s another great interview done by #KellyBlanchard where she interviews a character written by MatthewDale! These #KBCharInterviews are not like others, remember, so get ready to become immersed!

Meeting With The Muse

(Note: Kelly is written by Kelly Blanchard, and Matthew is written by Matthew Dale.)

Kelly looked around the garden of Cuskelom—away from the palace itself. Mist rose from the creek, but dew hung heavy to the leaves of trees and plants. She wondered what the forest looked like through eyes of magic as her character, Lorrek, often saw, and she made a note to ask him sometime, but approaching footsteps informed her she was no longer alone.

Turning, she saw Prince Heldon leading her visitor to her. Not many guests ventured this far into the wooded part of the gardens, but it surprised her that Heldon was here. Usually Lorrek liked meeting those she brought over from her own world, so she looked at Heldon puzzled. “Where’s your brother?”

Heldon gave an wave of his hand. “Magicked away. He said there was something he needed to take care of, but…

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