Tiny Update & Something New

Eep, life has this way of knocking you down as you start to get back on your feet. I swear every time I think I’m good to go the Universe is like “Hah, I need a laugh” and yells a “sweep the legs” then kicks me after I’ve fallen. I’m hoping some stuff changes soon, I really am, so fingers crossed there, but I wanted to let ya’ll know that I haven’t forgotten about what I discussed bringing to the blog in my earlier posts. I started my first post draft for S.C.R.I.B.E. though with the computer issues(again, hoping to have those temporary solved soon) it’s hard to work on when the computer shuts off randomly and my phone is too little to type on. Plus, to be honest, I chose a rather big book for the first one and it’s a little overwhelming, and I naïvely didn’t anticipated how much work would have to go into it, so I may swap Jackaby to my first book for SCRIBE then do The Way of Kings as my second one.

Speaking of, if ya’ll don’t know: I’m currently reading Jackaby by William Ritter and absolutely enjoying it. It’s like reading a supernatural/paranormal Sherlock Holmes, and I love that the synopsis describes it as  “Doctor Who meets Sherlock in William Ritter’s debut novel[…]” as well. If you want to follow my progress(sadly it is a little slower than I’d like due to that whole Universe-kicking-me thing) you can friend me on my Goodreads profile and/or on my Instagram profile where I post things as I read/write(as well as other things). Lately, I do a lot of posting on Instagram as it’s easier on my phone; sadly it doesn’t auto-post as it should to my other social media and I can’t figure out why so you’d have to friend me on it to see my posts.

Now, on to the SOMETHING NEW part of the blog! Kelly Blanchard, who writes historical fiction under the pen name Serafia Cross and who also has published works over on Wattpad, and whose posts from her Cinemagraphic Writing blog that relate to writing advice I have shared before has begun doing Author and Character Interviews that I will be reblogging here as they’re fascinating. I also want to help get word of them out there. Now, why are they so fascinating you ask? Well, these are truly in-depth interviews done in a way that not many do. Kelly Blanchard’s approach is more using the method of co-writing, or for those fellow proud geeks out there roleplay writing, than the usual asking of a question followed by an answer. This is even more interesting to read for Character Interviews where you get a glimpse into the characters of these authors that you might not have seen before or that might show you more. I imagine for fans of these authors this will be even more of a treat. I urge you to check them out.

Here’s the first one I’m sharing. This is with Sasha from Virginia Carraway Stark’s Dalton’s Daughter.

Snippet from Character Interview: Viginia C. Stark’s Sasha

(Kelly is written by Kelly Blanchard. Sasha is written by Virginia Stark. NOTE: Sasha is a character in Virginia’s science fiction work ‘Dalton’s Daughter’.)

Sasha waited for the lady who was coming to interview her with the apprehension that she so often felt before any interview, or public speaking or anything else that might be seen by thousands, hundreds of thousands, or—since she and Verily had confirmed publicly that they were in fact an item—billions.

It was a big, populated galaxy and it was always hungry for celebrity gossip. Ever since her first unsuspecting appearance on Holovision when she had confessed her past and it had made the major media outlets, she had had a cautious relationship with the press.

Still, this was supposed to be different. A diplomatic envoy from another dimension set. It was intriguing even if her mouth was still dry and her belly still filled with butterflies. [READ MORE]

I hope that you will enjoy these posts, and as I might not be able to share them all I do suggest that if you want you can follow Kelly Blanchard’s blog where she posts them as well, and try to get to doing more of the other blog posts I had planned in the coming months. Sorry for the delay, truly, and again thank you all for being so patient.


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