A Turn of the Page

Ah, well, I have been more than a little remiss in updating the blog. . . or doing much of anything. There’s been numerous reasons for this and while I won’t go into tons of details I’ll try to play catch up here in this post before I get to new stuff.

First, The NaNo ’14 Update:

I didn’t make any posts about NaNoWriMo in November, hadn’t for quite a while before it started, and my apologies for unintentionally lying about becoming more active. My sincerest apologies especially to those who take the time to regularly read my posts and may have looked forward to them. Between real life chaos and NaNo I just didn’t have the energy. Honestly, I didn’t have a ton of energy for NaNo itself though I got some done and did manage to share some of that progress in other ways — same as I did when I saw and shared posts by other writers that covered a topic well. This all gave me an out from all the topics I considered writing cause I felt that others had written them better than I could’ve at that time due to the stress, depression, and chronic illness health crap I have dealt with a lot more than usual. Luckily, the stress has dropped significantly and the depression is a little improved(for now), but the health stuff of chronic illness/pain/fatigue is still acting up pretty bad. During NaNo, all of that combined though meant I didn’t do a ton of writing, but I made significantly more progress than during earlier attempts and decided to write more of this story outside of NaNo as I find myself enjoying it greatly. At a later date, I plan to make a dedicated post about The Vanishing Stars(WiP title), but for now will say that if you want to see anything on it that you can check my Facebook page or DeviantArt gallery.


Second, The Move:

About 3 months ago, my life underwent a big change when I was able to move into my own apartment. I have a roommate, but this is the first place I’ve lived outside of living at home with my entire family. There isn’t a ton I’ll mention here about the details of what led up to my entire family losing our home and us all having to find a new one. I will say though that much the stress and depression I’ve dealt with over the last couple or so years has been from this matter, and the possible threat of us all becoming homeless, but instead we are all now in new homes. Oh, and while we moved away from the city we’d lived in before we managed to end up together in the same city as some other family members! It’s really nice. I’m loving the new apartment, and all the walking I’ve done that has helped in a lot of ways(I have a movie theater less than 10 mins away and a library that is probably half an hour away!), but my health has been acting up and I share the computer a lot more — well when it decides to not shut off — since it’s the only one in the place. Eventually, we’re hoping to replace it. As for my health? Hoping to start getting that sorted out today. I have my first appointment with my new PCP. It took months to finally make this happen. Ridiculous, I know, but hoping that I’ll like her and won’t have to try to find another one. Fingers crossed, please!


Third, TTWW Coming Attractions:

While I haven’t been posting much, it doesn’t mean that I forgot about this place or about those who read it. As I’ve posted to the Facebook Page and the Pinterest and the Instagram, etc. I have also been planning out ideas for this space. Here’s the list of things to come to TTWW!

  • Writer Interviews — I know I mentioned these before. They will be happening in the coming month.
  • Blog Challenges — Hoping to start taking part in things like Wordless Wednesdays, Weekend Coffee Shares, RoW80, and other such things. I’ve even come up with one of my own that I’m hoping you’ll enjoy.
  • SCRIBE — Ah, now this I’m excited to introduce! SCRIBE stands for Some Cool Reading I’ve Been Enjoying and if you’ve followed the Instragram you may’ve seen one or two images hashtagged with this acronym. Basically my idea with SCRIBE is essentially that I will occasionally post images to the Instagram as I read and then will make one mass post after I’m done with the book that’ll include all the images I posted, and perhaps some I didn’t, along with things I enjoyed about the book including quotes and so forth. These will be a bit spoiler-y which is why I have changed the front page to a static page. It’s important to note though that not every book I read will fall under SCRIBE. I already have one of these planned to go this coming weekend(thinking of doing them on Saturdays) and another in the works as I’ve just started a new book.
  • Reviews — I’m still working on the ins-and-outs of how I’ll do this, but I will be posting my reviews here. My aim is to offer two different types of reviews: Ones that are spoiler-free and ones that are spoiler-included. This way people can choose which one they want to read.
  • More Writing – I’m working on getting more of my writing done to share on my DeviantArt and Wattpad accounts. I’ll also be sharing more of my roleplay related writings here, but as for original works or even fanfiction you’ll have to check the others. If you want to see something neat, you can see my progression in the form of edits/re-writes for some of the pieces over on DeviantArt.
  • Cover Reveals/Book Releases, etc — I’m hoping that as the blog becomes more active more of these will happen. I think it’d be really cool to do and liked the ones I did on here before.
  • Recommendations — This will be done in the same way as what I did with the post about Author Ashlyn Forge. It will be writers that I enjoy and want to share with others who might as well.


Fourth, new pages:

You may have noticed that there are new pages popping up under the Resources tab. If you haven’t, you should definitely check them out and keep an eye on that tab. I’m working on providing resources for other writers. I’m also working on blog related resources to share such as a list of blog related challenges. If you have anything that works for one of the pages in the dropdown menu under Resources or for the blog related challenges page, please hit me up with them. You can leave them in the comments or send them as a message to me on the Facebook Page.


Fifth, and in a manner of speaking, the last though not the least:

More me. Yes, you read that right. What this means is that you’ll see more posts that relate to me as a person. Stuff that isn’t just about writing and reading and such. Some will be about life experiences, some will be about my health, some will be historical in nature, some will be about social issues, etc. Though this also means some will be political as they have been on rare cases in the past and may be more frequent. Don’t worry, everything will be tagged and categorized appropriately so you can read what you choose. I am thinking of making the more personal ones about my health part of Weekend Coffee Shares, but I’m not positive yet on that front.


Aaaaaand that’s it! Sorry for the large update, but it has been overdue and ya’ll deserved a good, detailed one after such a wait. I look forward to the feedback and conversation in the comments so feel free to leave them. I hope that everyone is as excited as I am for all the things to come!


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