Naming Characters

This is a useful site especially as we’re in the midst of NaNoWriMo! I know at the moment I’m struggling with some naming difficulties. Mine is place names more than just character names, but name struggles are something everyone can relate to as a writer.

Cinemagraphic Writing

Naming characters—always fun and absolutely fundamental to your story. You may craft a character in your mind, but you don’t know who he or she is until they’re named. Sometimes characters are okay with having their names changed a few times before you settle on a name, but other characters are incredibly stubborn, and they will not let you rename them no matter the consequence. Regardless, it is important to give much thought to what you will name your characters. For some people this comes easily, but others may struggle.

If you’re writing a story, and the characters are named with usual everyday names (e.g. Brandon Riley), you have a few options:

  1. The phonebook. Yes, who uses a phonebook anymore? Writers, of course. It’s almost like a dictionary of names. Find a last name you like, and mix-match it with a first name.
  2. Name sites such as (fantastic source…

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