Recommendations: Stories by Ashlyn Forge

Recently I have shared on both Twitter and Facebook a story by Ashlyn Forge called Caterpillar. The short story is something that I enjoy greatly AND it is currently Featured on Wattpad! It is a m/m(male/male) gay sci-fi with some mature and sexual elements, and that isn’t to some peoples taste, but you should totally give it a chance. The character development and worldbuilding in Caterpillar is dazzling for a short story. It can be found also for free on other places like Amazon. Find the links through here: Caterpillar on Goodreads.


And now, onto some new pieces by Ashlyn Forge that you should pick up as well!


Cover Art by Kat Mellon.

Substance by Ashlyn Forge:


Phillipe wants more in life than what the slums have to offer. His father survived war and chaos to reach sanctuary and now works hard in the mines to ensure that his only son has everything the ‘better-half’ take for granted. Each wish fulfilled has come at the expense of his father’s health, however, and now it’s Phil turn to provide.

In search of work, Phil ventures from his humble home in the Lower-Levels for the wealthier upper area of the underground. What he finds is a suicidal nobleman hellbent on putting them both into an early grave. The noble reluctantly takes Phil on as a bodyguard. For the first time in Phil’s life, he sees hope, and he’s clinging to it. The more control he takes of the job, the deeper he falls into a world he’s ill-prepared for. Can he crawl back down to the Lower-Levels where he belongs with his new fortune intact, or will this new life consume him entirely?


Cover Art by Kat Mellon.

Evil Like Us by Ashlyn Forge: (A chapter released each Friday)


Small towns have a lot to offer, but That Gay Kid, Gabriel Pike, infamous for almost beating to death, That Black Kid, McKenzie Sumner, needs to escape his small town, his label, and that memory. Over the years, the story’s taken on a skewed shape. Nobody acknowledges that from grade school up McKenzie Sumner and his brother, Thomas, bullied and tormented Gabe with a cruelty that bordered evil.

Three years pass and McKenzie, up-and-coming college football star, returns home. A chance encounter one day changes them both forever.


If you enjoy any of these pieces then you should check out her other works such as her Toys and Soldiers series. For those titles, and to keep up with any future works, check out the author’s page on Goodreads. Oh, and remember — as the policy should be for any reader — please leave an honest review.


3 thoughts on “Recommendations: Stories by Ashlyn Forge

    • That’s wonderful! You totally should. I think Substance is actually available free on Wattpad now. You can check out her Wattpad account to be sure, but also check out her other works. She’s a brilliant writer and her worldbuilding skills are. . . stunning.


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