A Collection of Poems

Today I’ve shared the first in what will be a collection of pieces that touch on different aspects of life. A collection of musings in a way. The first is a poem that involves domestic violence which was. . . odd to write. Not that I haven’t written on the subject before, but in that this piece just flowed out of me. All I read was a prompt then I saw a line in another entry and. . . bam the words just started pouring out. I absolutely had to get them down and share them with people. It took me little to decide to actually publish it to Wattpad, and here in a little to DeviantArt, but I hope that those reading will find it as touching a piece to read as I did to write.

I know it will be hard for some to read more than others and my heart goes out to you. You are stronger than most people will ever understand and I admire your strength in ways I cannot explain, and I hope that some day you are able to find the peace, and happiness, in your life that you deserve.

Other pieces in this collection will come in time. I won’t set myself a specific limit as with my health it means my muse is spotty at times, but I will try to put out new content at a decent pace.

Collective Musings on Life — Wattpad


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