Am I Obligated To. . .

Consider this a spur of the moment, short post I’m still working on the other stuff I’ve promised, and I will deliver, but I felt like this was a worthy topic that could be useful for some people.

Writers are always liking pages of fellow writers and promoting them to boot. There is nothing wrong with this practice as supporting other writers is a positive thing; bringing together those of the writing community since we are all readers as well. I’ve liked and promoted plenty, and received the same treatment in return, but there’s something else important to remember.

You are not obligated to follow a writer whose views on non-writing matters you may not agree.

Listen, most people will say that you are and you might feel that you are — that’s not the case. Recently I discovered this for myself when a writer whose page I followed expressed some views that were criticizing of people who weren’t religious. While I make it clear often that I’m an atheist, I have absolutely nothing against religion as long as it’s not used to spread/excuse hate. However, this person made it sound as though anyone who isn’t religious lacks any morals; definitely a view that I disagree with for numerous reasons. For awhile I debated the possibility of continuing to follow this person or. . . at least discuss it in a civil manner, but after a couple hours I realized that wasn’t going to work.

In that moment it became clear that I was thinking in terms of “being obligated” so I had to clear my head and remember that I am not in the least. And neither is anyone else! You are not obligated to support someone who has views that you intensely disagree with and cannot see beyond; especially if it’s an opinion that you think your fans might find outrageous or offensive, and that could hurt your growth if they won’t follow you for following that writer.

Just keep that in mind.


4 thoughts on “Am I Obligated To. . .

  1. I always make my views on the matter of religion plain in social media. And yes, I’m aware that it may lose me some followers… but truth be told, if they are the kinds of people who require religion to have any sort of a moral code, then they’re not the kinds of people I would want to count among my fans in the first place. Morality predates monotheism…and one doesn’t need a book to be a good human being.


    • I’ve always admired how forthright you are about your views. It’s one reason I find you so awesome. You don’t hold back and while it might lose you some people it also gains you some too. And I’m with you that those weren’t people you wanted following you anyways. Yes! Exactly! You don’t need religion to be a good human being and have morals, and being religious doesn’t mean that you are a good person or have morals; that’s how I’ve always looked at it. You should be the best person you can be no matter what your views. That’s what I try to do. Of course, I do misstep, but I’m human and that happens.

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  2. I completely agree with you. I go out of my way to make sure that I only post writing related information on my author page, because I can’t expect everyone to agree with my political views. Of course, I’ve also learned that Facebook is one of the worst places to discuss politics.


    • I tend to discuss political stuff a great deal on my Facebook, but that’s generally on my personal profile. I don’t really post it to my writing FB page except maybe once in awhile. Though I have done occasional blog posts on political issues I know is likely to offend someone. It may lose me some followers, but that is just the risk I take cause I’m not going to hide who I am as a person. I just don’t want anyone to feel they’re obligated to follow me if they disagree with my views. It’s so important people realize that when it comes to likes/follows.


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