Seeking Interviewees!

Interested in doing an interview to be posted on my blog? This is now possible!


Doing interviews on blogs/sites can be a good way to expand your fanbase by adding to your reach. This means that your name and your work gets out there more, and that is essentially free advertising. Plus it can be entertaining!


You don’t have to be an author — the label used to express publishing through books and other specific methods of publication — to do an interview here. Writers of every kind are welcome — this includes fanfic writers. There are some general questions to answer that will help me decide the types of questions to ask in your interview, but don’t fear! They are easy ones. Once done just submit and I’ll contact you once the questions are ready.




Please note these interviews are more about you as the writer thought it will encompass stuff about your work. while fun interviews such as char interviews greatly I’m holding off since I’ve never done them, but will add some others later. I will also be offering other ideas to the blog in  coming weeks. ^_^



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