My Poem!

Oh my, I am an airhead. I was sharing this around everywhere: my FB page, my Twitter, et cetera and it only dawned on me tonight that I hadn’t shared it here! How do I forget to share it the one place where I wrote a whole post about upcoming written works. Feel free to leave comments and/or votes on the piece over at Wattpad. They’re always welcome.

A round of thanks goes out to those in The Writer’s Chest [writing group and blog at The Writer’s Chest] who aided me in sorting out some issues with this piece. Their aid was invaluable. A thank you as well to Jeffrey Cook [author of Dawn of Steam: First Light] for helping me figure out what rating to post it beneath. I’d also like to give a HUGE thanks to my close friend Olivia Melancon [blogger and writer at The Geeky Chic] for letting me use Tick-Tock Stock in my poem and providing an explanation for it for the readers.

Joy So Fuses is the name of the piece. I’m linking to my Wattpad profile that way you can see the tags and the rating on it before deciding to read. My profile is HERE. Hope you enjoy it!


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