The Ups and Downs of Writing

If any of my readers are writers as well — and I know plenty of you are — then you know what it’s like to occasionally have an upswing of inspiration. It’s an overwhelming feeling where at times you can’t even go to sleep without your mind turning over a thousand ideas. Sometimes it gets bad enough that you’re doomed to entirely give up on trying to sleep as a result. I’ve been like that a little the last couple weeks. . .

And it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

For me there’s a deal of ups and downs, but usually more downs than ups which leave me lost in a state of frustration. Depression will do that though. It drags you down by filling your mind with negative thoughts, and if there’s stress — I have it in spades these days — that’ll make it worse, until you can’t function. Every idea that enters your mind quickly fizzles out as a result. I felt unable to catch a break. Either the self-doubt was sucking the energy out of my life or my muse was just non-existent; both made me feel even worse than most things going on in my day-to-day life since it made me think back to a time when my writing would help me escape everything else. The realization that the one thing that brought relief, and cathartic release, wasn’t working had me completely lost.

How do you handle that aspect?

Well, you keep writing. I know it sounds silly, but that’s about all you can do. Take a minute, breathe deep, and start writing until you push through it. Some of it will turn out legitimately terrible and you’ll shove it in a dark place where it’ll never see the light of day again — at least until you want to tackle it for improvement. Not all of it will be that way though. It might come in spurts; eked out word-by-word until it feels like your mind, and soul, have been wrung dry, but it will come.

The fruits of my labor have been born slowly, but make me feel proud the more I look them. I’ll have some poetry that I’m truly happy with to share on Wattpad soon for this reason. It’s a big deal for me since I never, ever write poetry unless I’m incredibly depressed — usually the result of a broken heart — which means it turns out just as bleak, and if I try when not then it just comes out forced and terrible. However, these pieces are different and I’m feeling the urge to actually work on them constantly as a result. I can’t wait to be able to share them soon with everyone.

When I get them posted I’ll link them here. I’ll also be working on my page of works, and might even share some of my older poetry on Wattpad once adjusted and edited properly since some of the pieces need to be looked at after years of not really being acknowledged in a serious light.

Guess it’s time to stop shoving as many things into that deep, dark hole! What have you unshackled and released into the light of day recently?


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