Something Interesting This Way Comes

My lovely readers, I’m making this impromptu and not subject focused post cause I’m excited about something that will arrive on this blog soon! I can’t tell you what it is, because I’ve been sworn to secrecy and that would ruin the mystery of the surprise. I can say though that it is awesome and something I never expected to do on my blog. Mostly cause I never thought about doing it, but now I’ve been given the opportunity(I’m highly honored to have been too!) and that means you’ll get to enjoy something amazing.

Keep an eye out on the blog, and in relation the Facebook page as well, as there’ll be plenty of things coming to the blog soon! In response to that, and my excitement, I’ve decided to share an old piece of writing cause I haven’t shared much in the way of fiction story pieces with you lately.

A little context: This is from an old online roleplay forum that I was once a member of until it closed. It was an alternative historical group set in 1300s on Scotland on Skye: The Winged Isle. This was one of my characters, Ainsley MacKinnon(note: I used Anna Popplewell in her role as Susan from Chronicles of Narnia as a representation of her), who was part of Clan MacKinnon, and she was being brought(as a surprise) to Turas Lan(the capitol) to sign up for the Griffin Army(the official military of the King and Queen). She wanted nothing more than do this, but of course her Mother disapproved strongly and her Father, wanting her to live her dream, decided to just give her the chance. There were most posts(before and after the below), and posts by others, in this thread, but sharing all of it would be too much so I chose this portion to share. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Hell had its own definition for all. To some, perhaps, signing onto the military would make one think they were doomed to have flames lick their skin until they burned. Ainsley though found thought of being forced to marry when not ready and a complete stranger at that to be so. This was freedom in ways that some would never understand. Hamish hadn’t followed after them, but stood anxiously pacing while Captain Ya’ave escorted his eldest daughter toward a door.

Choice. It was something that Ainsley had not ever thought to be given. At this moment one had to be chosen. Did she move forward, raised hand to door, and knock? Or did she step backward, accept mantle of proper daughter, and return home to become some mans incubator? It was not that Ainsley didn’t like children or did not some day want marriage, but not now. It was the appropriate age to be wed, to start a family, and yet all she could think about was the feeling that it’d end her chance at all those dreams yearning to become reality.

Cadet blues took in their surroundings as they stood now near a door. The winding path through the Arena itself had given a magnificent view. Here was where those in service to Skye had trained. All that had be done is a step taken and it could be where she did as well. Here was where life could change its course. No longer would she merely be Ainsley MacKinnon, village girl. Instead it’d be Ainsley MacKinnon, Griffin Archer.

Captain Ya’ave was listened to closely while gaze sought his own. Honesty was respected. This man would not lie to her and that was appreciated. Any that thought this life would be easy would have their eyes opened. It was clear though that she did not look upon it with them closed.

Aye, Captain Ya’ave, Ah do nae think it be simple. Ah hear it be brutal. Mah Da be tellin’ me about his experiences and…Ah’m nae afraid ta admit tha’ it be a bit frightenin’.” There was no shame in admitting fear. It was lack of fear that made one fools. They had no sense of caution which could be the difference between life or death, and not solely for them alone.

Deep breath was taken as head turned to glance sideways at the door. Behind it was one future. Head swiveled the other way, back the way they’d come, where her Father would be waiting outside. There lay another future. Which did she want?

Three months ye say? Will Ah be expected ta stay in the arena?” It seemed, perhaps, a silly question. Yet Ainsley needed to ask something while the wheels in her mind turned. Each little voice heard only within demanded to be heard as they battled.

One was that of her Mother. Brighid MacKinnon would not be pleased. She’d rant and rave, and lecture until head exploded. Her anger would be clear that she’d hoped for her daughter to be as obedient a child as she had been. Unlike Ainsley she’d been the behaved daughter, seeking a good marriage at appropriate age and never questioning her duty as a woman.

The other? That of her Father. Hamish MacKinnon’s voice would not be dripping with anger. Neither would he rant or rave, or even lecture. Instead he’d be understanding though clearly disappointed. He’d been a man who had dreams as a child that had been turned into reality. Now all he wanted was that for his daughter. Yet he’d not chastise her for accepting the duties of wife…

Yet it was none of these voices that made the decision. Instead it was one voice, full of sweet humor and teasing words, that brought a confidence light to blue eyes. Kendrick. The eldest of her brothers was by no means a man destined be warrior. Instead it was more likely to see him become Scholar. Yet he prodded at Ainsley to become dreamt of Archer and protect him as they traveled the lands he’d find education in.

Finally head moved in firm nod,”Ah do want it. This nae be a decision made by mah family. It be a dream o’ mine. Ah swear Ah will nae fail mahself nor Skye. Thank ye, Captain Ya’ave.

Upward curve of lips offered warm smile before back straightened and she turned. Shoulders were pulled back, head lifted high, and feet moved steadily toward the door. As it drew closer the knot of nerves could be felt growing in stomach, but they were ignored. Outwardly not a sign of her concern showed. Hand curled to rap steadily against the door once reached and she waited to be summoned. Either General Asad-Aziem would accept her into service or send her back to the village, but she would not be giving in to his decision without a fight.


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