How Do YOU Review?

First, and foremost, I’d like to say thank you to each and every person that has recently followed my blog. Considering that I don’t use it nearly enough it makes me feel good to see that even the occasional, rare post gets attention. It’s nice to know that I have readers.

Now, onto why I am posting today!

As may be the case with some of you, I read — alot. It’s just one of those things that I have always done. I proudly classify myself as a bookworm and would not change it for the world. While I have not been reading as much lately that doesn’t change the fact that once I do get in the mindset; as has occurred with recent events, I devour books. There’s one thing though that I always try to do once I finish a book; especially if planning to recommend it, which is to try to rate and review. I’ll admit that I am not the best when it comes to doing either. I never know what to base the rating off of nor what I should be reviewing for outside of the obvious grammar/spelling issues that could cause problems understanding the content.

Previously I’ve just kept my reviews as brief as possible. I try to be constructive in my criticisms and not too bias in my praise, and the easiest way to keep either from getting out of hand is to write as little as possible especially if I want to avoid giving specific examples; a hard task indeed, that might spoil the readers. As for the ratings I’ve just based it off how much I enjoyed the book. Yet that can be hard to translate to another reader who is using my rating/review to decide if they want to pick it up. Annoyingly enough, most places don’t use the same ratings as their points/stars can stand for different things or numbers(ex. Goodreads and Amazon different in what their stars mean), but that’s another matter altogether.

As I’ve recently considered posting my reviews to my blog as well though it comes to me that I should have some better methods. Outside of grammar/spelling there’s plot, character growth, and writing style. I do try to hit each of these on the head, but I’m also hesitant as I never know how to write a review. Do I keep it brief? Do I fully avoid any potential hint of a spoiler? Or do I write a thorough one? Of course, putting a warning at the top as I’d not want to spoil the book for other readers.

These are the choices that I have, but I’m indecisive and cannot decide how to do it when I get to the end of the piece. I thought I’d reach out to my fellow writers and readers to see how you rate and review books. What guidelines do you use as a basis for the stars/points? What thinks do you take stock of when writing the review?

This will help me in figuring out how I’d like to proceed with mine in future.


2 thoughts on “How Do YOU Review?

  1. My ratings are definitely a representation of how much I personally enjoyed the book, not how “good” a book it is. Reviews, I’m still getting the hang of hitting the important points without giving anything away (personally I don’t see the point of reviews that include spoilers, unless it’s just to discuss with others who’ve already read the book). But… that’s just what works for me. Good luck finding what works for you.


    • Thank you. This is helpful. I feel a similar way about spoilers. I think the only issue I’ve ran into is if I want to provide an example to help get my point across, but even then I’m wary of doing it for fear of spoiling anything for a reader.


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