Curse of Real Life

Swear I really need to stop going so long without writing on here. Though honestly sometimes I feel like nobody really reads them so perhaps it’s not a big deal while other times I feel as though I have nothing to share. Another long passage of time with a number of hospital visits and doctors visits, and of nothing too much happening. I bombed out of Camp NaNo early on – within the first 3 days to be exact – due to lack of muse and too much doubt in my own ability. I haven’t done alot lately due to lack of my own ability and real life stress, and I noticed that every time I get muse strong enough to overpower the first issue then real life brings a ton of stress my way. I’m worried about that exact problem with the approach of National Novel Writing Month, in fact.

In 7 days that countdown will begin to complete 50,000 words before November 30th rolls around and my goal is to actually complete it this year. Last year I had a great idea that I was eager to make happen, but then real life decided to happen and I landed in the hospital then the rehab for physical therapy for quite a bit. This year, hopefully, nothing comes up to impede either my completing the full amount or getting almost close enough to as all previous years I’ve never even broken 5,000 words. Getting to at least 20,000 or 30,000 would make me pleased beyond words. I was considering even using the story concept I had for last year for this year instead as I liked it a great deal. The little I wrote on it though? I didn’t like at all as it felt too forced and fake; especially the dialogue. I can just work on using the next seven days to solidify some more research on it that I got snagged on last year then start over fresh come November 1st when the challenge starts.

Hopefully there’s nothing wrong with doing that for NaNo either since I really do like the idea. If I can’t use that one though I do have a second one in mind. Either way both of those give me possibilities so long as real life complies. Anyone else excited for NaNo and got their ideas situated?


3 thoughts on “Curse of Real Life

  1. It’s been as late as November 3rd before my idea comes together. I have taken on the challenge five maybe six years and I’ve only once earned my badge (2008). I just published that one this year :-). Life does indeed have a way of stepping and screwing up your plans. But with each interruption, you learn how to work around obstacles and build your ability to survive with finesse. Not to mention it builds your resolve to keep writing; I was in a crappy living situation the year I finished. Every time something happened, it compelled me to write. Here’s hoping that it begins to work that way for you as well.

    And yes, you have at least one reader here. Thanks for posting :-).


    • Thank you so much. I appreciate the advice greatly and am so pleased to have you as a reader. I know I have a few which is nice. Don’t need many, right? And my gosh I feel absolutely silly as I just noticed I said there was 7 days to NaNo, and I skipped over a whole month! I want to hide my face in embarrassment for a minute though I also noticed that nobody corrected me. Ah well, at least now I know I have some extra time to map out some story work in my Scrivener!


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