Impending Approach of Camp NaNo

In five days writer’s everywhere, of varying years of experience, of varying genres, of varying methods will begin their novels for the event that is Camp NaNo. Each one will have a differing opinion on what the arrival of that day means to them. Some will look at it filled with excitement while others with some panic as they consider that the story they chose to write, and planned everything out for, was not quite cooperating or was not what they felt the need to write. Others might panic that they hadn’t done any planning as they had decided to “pants” it yet now find themselves lost. No matter how we look at it though we all find ourselves eagerly awaiting that moment we can start putting down words as we keep track of our daily word count – trying to meet a set goal or just seeing if you can beat the previous days record – that’ll later be share with fellow writers.

I had decided to do Camp NaNo back in June, but that fell through so my goal changed to attempt it in August. My only problem though is that my muse isn’t cooperating. I have a story concept based on a character and some research into her people who I’ve already worked out long ago – for the most part – that I thought would make a great choice for my Camp NaNo piece. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get into that “space” to allow myself to better my progress with the planning stage. I even started a Scrivener file for it! Yet, nothing seems to push it forward and the worst part is I find my mind toying with something more. . . science fiction instead of medieval fantasy, and I’m cursing it for the inconvenience as I have nothing in mind for this sudden spark. Pestering me left and right while a story that I was very interested in doing, and had previous research done on, languishes as the spark steals my focus.

I’m not quite sure what to do at this point though I am determined to take part in Camp NaNo come August 1st and hopefully complete it. I have never found success with NaNo, but I would like to. . . or at least beat my atrocious word counts from previous years. I hope all my fellow NaNoers are having better luck though!


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