A Writing Wall

How does one overcome these? I’ve had this problem for too many years to count. It started when I was in highschool, in the last year moreso, and has persisted ever since. That was back in ’04 yet I still deal with this block. I’ve done my best to beat my way through it, but nothing seems to help. From techniques to encourage my muse to using writing prompts to attempting to enter random writing challenges. Nothing seems to help though. Even my attempt to roleplay which usually helps me overcome writer’s block has failed. It seems that instead this block is getting worse.

Why is that? What could possibly make it harder for me to write? I absolutely love writing. I’ve been doing it since I was in elementary school. Yet here I am struggling to come up with words to put down that’ll flow together into a decent story. All I can do is just attempt to force through the block, and I’m failing. What techniques do you all utilize? Ways to get the muse churning and encourage writing. Perhaps some suggestions will help me overcome it as I’d really like to post more stories for everyone to read. It might even help me become better at writing these blog posts.

Speaking of the blog, I am most definitely coming up with some ideas that’ll provide more steady posting. Which means more reading for those that actually do read the things I post here. I’d even appreciate it if those who did read when submitting some ideas on how I can break through my block might also give some suggestions on what you’d like to read as well here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and now I am off to get some sleep. My night owl ways are always crazy!


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