Do not stand quietly. Let your voice be heard. Contact your representatives by phone or email. Let them know that you will not stand for the passing of these bills. That they are a violation of human rights and that it’s shameful they’re even being considered in the United States. A place where we speak of freedom. Now, we chance the passing of bills that take our internet to the same level as that of China? No, shame of those who even think to support the passing of these two bills. Do not give support to candidates that back these bills. Instead stand against those who would. Your voice is powerful. Let it be heard.

Not a part of the United States, but still think these two bills are shameful? Then speak up too! Contact the State Department. Your voice is just as important.

Need links to aid in being heard? Well here you are:

Join the Strike! How to Strike! Petition the State Department!

Stand together in protest!

Stand together!

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