Busy Bee and 100 Books Challenge (Re-Post)

|| Please note this a re-post from the former tumblr blog. However, as the 100 Books Challenge is still ongoing I felt that I needed to repost it here. Please let me know if you’re going to participate by just leaving a simple comment. If you cannot make a note, visible to others, via facebook or keep an update via tumblr then utilizing google docs with permissions set so others can view it then linking it in the comments should work.



2011 came, flew by, kicked me in the arse, and then it was gone. It kept me busy with so many things that it left little time for me to focus on much else or have any real creative energy (or any energy at all, really) to write. Though I’m hoping that 2012 will change this for me! Instead I’ve focused on reading. One thing I’d like to do this year is read at least 100 Books in 2012.

I love books more than I can express. They were what introduced me to the realization that words could come together to create stories that can move you in a thousand different ways. For me, they’re a respite from the exhausting, stressful days that is my world at times. They give me that time to forget everything else and escape into these wonderful pages for a few, precious hours. Some days I need this more than I can express. It’s a treat that I hope to one day offer myself as an author.

I made many resolutions this year, but this isn’t one of them. This is something I decided that I wanted to do around the end of 2011, but with it being so close to over opted that doing it at the start of 2012 was a better option. Now though I want to invite you, my fellow readers and book lovers, to come do this with me. It’s simple really.

  • Only books that you have never read count.
  • List them once you finish them. Not when you start them.
  • Be honest. As this, clearly, only works with the honor system.
  • Keep a list and update it, either via tumblr or facebook notes or your own blog. Any way you can update it then do it.
  • If you read more than 100? Keep listing them!
  • Finishes at the end of 2012, midnight.

Isn’t that easy? That’s the only requirements. I will be making my post on my blog here that I can link in the sidebar of my page to update for you all to see. Join me! 🙂


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